By Bob Santos

In principle, getting from point A to point B may be an easy process. In reality, getting from where we are to where we believe God wants us to be becomes a rigorous journey–much more difficult than we would have ever expected. We often think that we struggle because God has abandoned us, but the exact opposite can be true: the Creator of the Universe–our heavenly Father–wants us to be overcomers. Surprisingly, the wilderness is intended to be a training ground from which we emerge as champions of the Christian faith.

What is it that marks the difference between a resounding victory in the wilderness and a total disaster? It all comes down to understanding the nature of our journey and responding in a manner that honors God. The fifty-two devotional readings of this book will both challenge and inspire the reader to grow in God’s grace and to break free from unhealthy mindsets that bind us in a sub par spiritual existence!

This book is an excellent resource for small group use, or gift for a Christian who is adjusting to some type of challenging transition
–beginning school, graduating, relocating, experiencing a broken relationship, the loss of a loved one, etc.

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It’s a super outstanding book! I recommend that everybody, literally everybody, get this book and read it thoroughly! It’s practical,insightful, easy to read and gives a person so much to meditate upon every day! Please…get it!!

– Don H., pastor and counselor

My friend Bob Santos wrote a book called Champions in the Wilderness. I started reading it because he is a friend, but I will finish reading it because it is a wonderful book about walking intimately with God even when the going gets tough. And it is only $2.99 on Kindle! A bargain! Its true value is much more… CHECK IT OUT!

– Tim T., Christian leader

I have to say, it is probably THE BEST devotional I have ever read.

– Laura M., author

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