By Bob Santos

Regret is a concept better explained by how it feels than by words in a dictionary. Have you ever said something that you wished you could unsay? Are there decisions, actions or inactions from your past that continue to haunt your present? We have all done things that we wish we could undo, yet some of us are tormented by our mistakes, while others have been able to find peace.

Say Goodbye to Regret will help you not only discover the path toward freedom, but it will also unlock the secret to minimizing future heartache. You will learn how to leave regret behind, how to prevent regrets, and how to rely on God’s divine wisdom to guide you along the way.

Spiritual wisdom is the key to finding freedom from your regrets! Pursuing this wisdom is like following a life-giving river through the wilderness. The journey along this divine river is not always easy, but where it leads is always good. What are you waiting for? If you want to say goodbye to regret, there is no better time to start your journey than now.


How many times can you say, “That’s me!” in one book? Say Goodbye to Regret offers a powerful picture of the human psyche from a Biblical perspective. Bob’s teaching is insightful and relatable as he layers the hard truth of our human condition with grace and humor. Whether you are seeking to better understand Christianity or to deepen your present walk of faith, this book offers valuable lessons and exercises for life with God. This is a great resource for small group study.

—Dr. Robb Horner, Executive Director, The Underground Ministry, Easton, MD

For some, learning how not to live in regret is hard to do. Being a parent who lost a son to addiction, I always look back thinking I should have done more. I think this book will be a great resource for all who are struggling with addiction and those who love them.

—Carmen Capozzi, Executive Director, Sage’s Army, Greensburg, PA

I loved this book! Almost everyone has regrets held on to from poor choices made in the past. I know I have. That is exactly why Say Goodbye to Regret is an important read. This book is deep, honest, and reveals powerful truth from Scripture on how to pursue Godly wisdom, walk in freedom, and live a life with fewer regrets.

—Kim Masengale, Director of Summit Women, Summit Church, Indiana, PA

In Say Goodbye to Regret, Bob Santos has captured the essence of what a majority of people face at one time or another. In the process of identifying the problem, Bob illustrates, with clear and concise steps, how to overcome the self-deflating attitude of living with regrets. This book will take you on a journey that begins with doubt and then culminates with a discovery that will surprise and enlighten you.

—Rev. Ron Calabro, Western PA Regional Director, Yokefellowship Prison Ministry, Elizabeth, PA

Bob writes in a down-to-earth, easy to understand style, peppered with self-deprecating humour. Regret traps us in an “if only” folly. It exposes our shallow resources, or propels us to seek godly wisdom. Bitter, unrecognised aspects of my regret become easier to see and swallow. This book is a lot more than saying goodbye to regret. It moved me to the lavish freedom of living in step with Holy Spirit wisdom. I urge you to read, reflect and act. Liberating!

—Tom Koruthu, Former HR Consultant and Pastor, London, UK

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