By Bob Santos

The Bible needs no introduction. Or does it? The best-selling book of all time has had a remarkable influence on humanity, and yet, people throughout the centuries have struggled to grasp the essence of its meaning.

The Bible, first and foremost, is a book of relationship.  This ancient text–relevant to every era–provides a powerful connecting point for a dynamic relationship with the God who created us.

But there’s more to the story than first meets the eye.  Grasping the heart of the Bible requires a basic understanding of its origins and inspirational nature.

Through its easy-flowing style.  The TouchPoint not only introduces the Christian Scriptures but also draws more seasoned believers into a deeper understanding of God and His ways.

Within the pages of this book, you will find:

  • A powerful key to understanding God’s mindset
  • A brief overview of the Old and New Testaments
  • Evidence for the Bible’s credibility
  • The basics of interpreting the Bible
  • Words of encouragement for dark times

The Bible is the most amazing book ever penned, and if we tune our hearts to God’s frequency, we can feel His eternal love seeping through every page.


“The Bible is a treasure chest full of invaluable truths.”  The TouchPoint will bring you to a deeper place of understanding just how true that statement is.  Bob’s academic research and Spirit-led inspiration will convince you that the Bible truly is the greatest of all books!

-Dale Adams, Lead Pastor, Lifespring Christian Church, Greensburg, PA

Not just another book about The Book, but a theologically sound, insightful explanation of how a person can discover the real meaning of life.  Bob Santos makes it perfectly clear that the Word of God is living, active, a seed, a lamp, flawless, right and true.  Not only will it never pass away, but it must be the primary “TouchPoint” of a life connected with God.

-Chris Ball, President, Elim Fellowship Lima, NY

Ultimately, God’s Word came to us so that we might know God HImself, and few books illustrate this profound truth so well as the The TouchPoint.  With candid brilliance and subtle eloquence, Bob Santos proclaims the beauty, authenticity, and relevance of the Christian Bible.  I can’t imagine anyone who will not benefit from reading this book, and will heartily recommend it to all of my students, colleagues, friends, and family.

-John Caton, Apologetics Director, Youth With A Mission, Boston, MA

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