SfMe Media is a trade name of Search for Me Ministries, Inc. While seeking to utilize sound business practices, SfMe Media follows a “ministry first” model. Most—if not all—of our resources can periodically be found for free online in various formats. The books, CDs, and DVDs that we produce are sold through this and other sites for the user’s convenience.

SfMe Media has established the following policies in order to more effectively serve others. We understand that some of our policies are rather limiting, therefore, we have established other points of sale such as DeeperShopping.com or Amazon.com. If you find it more convenient to order our resources through these distributors, please don’t hesitate to do so. Feedback in the form of honest reviews is always appreciated!

Store Policies

We do not ship internationally as a general practice. All transactions made on our site are made using the U.S. dollar. International orders for books can be place through various other outlets such as Amazon.com and DeeperShopping.com. If you would like international shipping on any of our other products, please contact us.

Our business hours are between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. We will do our best to ship an order within 3 business days, if not sooner. Most of our shipping is done via USPS Priority Mail or USPS Media Mail. Bulk orders may be shipped via UPS when it is cost effective. The shipping costs of the items in your cart will be displayed during the checkout process prior to entering a payment method.

Pennsylvania residents are subject to a 6.0% sales tax.

Bulk Discounts
We offer bulk discounts and wholesale pricing for churches and bookstores. Please contact us if you are interested in these types of purchases.

Contacting Us
If you have a problem with your order, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do whatever we can within our power in order to make things right. Just email our customer service through our contact page and clearly explain your issue. You can also call us at 724-801-8576 between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm EST. Please leave a message with your contact information and we will get back to you as soon as we are able. Again, our heart is to serve you.

Canceling an Order
If you would like to cancel an order, please email our customer service address within 24 hours of your order. Please be sure to include your name and order number in the email. Since we seek to process all orders as quickly as possible, we cannot guarantee that we can cancel an order once it has been place. For returns, see our Return Policy.

If one of our products is defective, or there is an error on our part, please contact our customer service for a return authorization number and we will gladly make an exchange. Please do not attempt to return items without prior authorization. Refunds will take 1 to 7 business days to process.

Privacy Policy

Our website uses “cookies” to collect certain information every time you visit including your Internet Protocol (IP) address, the time and date of your visit, the pages on our site you visit, the addresses of any websites that linked you to our site, and any keywords you may have entered into a search engine which led to our site. You can disable cookies on your browser if you would prefer, but this may inhibit you as you navigate through our site.

If you choose to start an account with sfme.org, we will collect your identification number, username, password, and shipping and billing address. We will also collect your shipping and billing address if you choose to make a purchase using the guest checkout. Information such as your name, address, telephone, fax, or email may be collected when you sign up for our newsletter, submit a review for a product, contact customer service, or enter a contest. In these cases, we may also store information such as email content, customer reviews, or names and addresses of third parties to whom you might request a product be shipped.

All information we collect and store from you is strictly for the uses of processing and fulfilling orders, correspondence regarding orders or requests for information, sending promotional alerts and newsletters, and improving our products and customer service. SfMe Ministries does not sell, trade, or rent personal contact information it collects to outside parties. Nor does SfMe Ministries inundate customers and donors with requests for money.

Your account information, such as your name, address, and email, can be accessed by logging in to My Account. You can also view your recent account activity and order status. Logging in to your account will also allow you modify or delete contact information if you so choose. If you would like to opt out of our email list or update your subscription preferences, you can do so by either clicking the links at the bottom of a newsletter, or by contacting customer service. If you choose to contact customer service, please be sure to specify your name and your email address that receives our newsletter.

Copyright Policies

Our desire is to pursue a ministry first approach when it comes to the issue of copyright. Thus, we have gone through a great deal of effort to set up a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and publishing ministry to ensure that copyrights (in addition to publishing rights) for our resources are owned by a not-for-profit organization. We think that it is both reasonable and fair to pay some royalties to contributors for some of the materials we develop, but our bottom line is always ministry and not money.

At the same time, we need to generate income to care for our employees and to more effectively serve the body of Christ. In addition, we realize the need to protect the integrity of Search for Me Ministries, Inc. and the teaching materials we produce. Balancing these issues, we have established the copyright policies listed below.

We will do our best, as we are able, to provide our resources in some format at no cost. The audio files from the Search for Me identity series and the text files from the Champions in the Wilderness, as examples, are available for listening and viewing on our SfMe Media website. In essence, the messages are free, but the user who desires a more convenient or more visual format must pay a reasonable price.

SfMe Media Resources (except for Bob’s Blog and the Search for Me Identity Series which are specified below).
The content of our resources is protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America. Except for those which fall under fair use standards, any such materials may not be used for commercial purposes without the prior, express written consent of Search for Me Ministries, Inc. We do, however, give permission for churches, college ministries, and Christian non-profit organizations to copy portions of our materials for the purposes of discipleship and group study. Any copies produced for group use may not be sold for a price beyond the actual cost of materials (e.g. paper).

Bob’s Blog

Written Text

Copies of Bob’s blog may be printed or electronically transferred for non-commercial ministry purposes. Except for quotations, posting of the blog is not permitted on other websites, but you may provide a link to our blog site.


Our ministry and blog logos, and any of our photos showing people’s faces may not be copied. Some of the photos we use have public licenses to allow use by others. In such cases the license will be clearly indicated.

In no instance may any of our materials be used for commercial purposes without express written permission from Search for Me Ministries, Inc.

The Search for Me Identity Series
Limited permission is granted to churches, campus ministries and non-profit organizations to copy The Search for Me study materials for small group use. Individuals or for-profit entities may not copy the Series or any portion thereof.

The copyright in and to the Series is owned by Search for Me Ministries, Inc., however, some of the individual elements contained in the Series are not. Search for Me Ministries, Inc., does not make any claim of ownership to the individual elements contained in this production that are subject to “some rights reserved” licenses. The images and other elements with limited copyright restrictions are subject to the terms of each individual license classification (e.g., Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License), as set forth in the credits of the Series. If you would like to use any of the elements of the Series which are not owned by Search for Me Ministries, Inc., in any manner, please refer to the credits to find the source of the element and the applicable ownership information. It is your responsibility to identify the copyright owner and to obtain all necessary clearances before making use of these materials.

You may not extract any images, clips or vignettes from the production except for promotional purposes solely within your organization. If you are interested in making any other use of any element of the Series which is owned by Search for Me Ministries, Inc., please contact us through our website.

Upon purchasing the Series small group kit, your organization may make up to five (5) copies of the original DVDs. The duplicates you make may not be copied. The workbook PDF files may be printed or copied at will for use within one specific local non-profit ministry organization (i.e., church, campus ministry, mission facility). The Series small group CD may be copied up to five times and “ripped” to MP3 audio files which may be downloaded onto MP3 players for those who are participating in group studies only.  If you would like to recommend the audio messages contained in the Series to others, we have made the audio files freely available to all (via streaming) to sample through our website, and an MP3 audio CD is available for purchase.

One copy of the Series may be used multiple times for multiple groups within your specific local ministry. This means that a local church may run up to five Series small groups simultaneously without the need to purchase more materials. We strongly urge you to make backups of all disks and to store the originals in a safe location. For the sake of convenience, and to further support Search for Me Ministries, Inc., churches with the financial means are encouraged to purchase multiple copies of the Series.

Non-profit ministries may charge a small fee to group participants to help cover the actual cost involved with copying these materials, but may not sell any of the copies that you have made.

You may not alter the content of the Series without the prior, express written consent of Search for Me Ministries, Inc.

We believe that there will be a strong desire for many of you to share the Series with loved ones, friends and other ministries. You may lend the Series to other local ministries for review purposes only, but they may not copy or distribute the Series or any portion thereof. If you would like to purchase the Series small group materials to give to other ministries, you may feel entirely free to do so!

The Series may not be used for commercial purposes without the prior, express written consent of Search for Me Ministries, Inc.

Policy Changes

Search for Me Ministries, Inc. reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify and amend these policies in any manner at any time by posting a change notice or new policy on our website.