What in the World Is Happening?

Massive hurricanes. Earth-altering earthquakes. Epic floods. Out-out-of-control wildfires. Add to the mix terrorism and social chaos, and the threat of nuclear war, and we find plenty of reasons to be unsettled. It seems as though the end of time is … Continued

Cataract Hearts in a Lawless Political Landscape

Trafficking in persons (TIP) is an international crime that involves the acquisition of a human being through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purposes of exploiting the individual for profit through forced labor or prostitution. A modern … Continued

Can It Get Any Worse?

It is day 50 of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill with no foreseeable fix in sight. In spite of the fact that the current cap is helping to siphon a significant volume of oil, it is also revealing … Continued