What in the World Is Happening?

Massive hurricanes. Earth-altering earthquakes. Epic floods. Out-out-of-control wildfires. Add to the mix terrorism and social chaos, and the threat of nuclear war, and we find plenty of reasons to be unsettled. It seems as though the end of time is … Continued

Why Do the Wicked Prosper?

Sometimes, it feels as though living right is the wrong thing to do. Our world is full of self-absorbed people who cheat and oppress others with no apparent consequences. Meanwhile, the lives of virtuous people seem to overflow with hardship. … Continued

What Is Truth?

The conversation saddened me. I was speaking with a middle-aged acquaintance (I’ll call him “Bill”) and the conversation momentarily drifted toward the things of God. Bill, however, quickly steered our discussion toward the topic of sports as he emotionally recounted … Continued