Finding Our Way

Friends of ours once rented a house in rural western PA. Near the house was a rather large stone with a benchmark disk attached. Used long before GPS came into existence, a benchmark provided a defining location for surveyors and travelers. In their minds, any feelings of being lost or confused would instantly vanish at the discovery of an authorized benchmark.

The Encarta English Dictionary of North America defines benchmark as “a standard against which something can be measured or assessed.”Other than outdoor enthusiasts, I venture to guess that fewer and fewer people in our day would be able to identity a benchmark, let alone explain what it is. We’ve gone high tech, utilizing electronic satellite access to instantly and conveniently determine our location.

We must note, however, that our ability to navigate the sometimes rugged terrain of life is only as effective as the standards by which we are guided. We’ve all heard stories of some unsuspecting driver crashing into a storefront while following the directions of a GPS unit.

There are many loud voices in our day, each confidently trying to set the course for our lives. The circumstances of life can really get confusing. Sometimes we don’t know which way is up. At other times we find ourselves constantly returning to the same desolate location we passed some time back. Talk about frustration!

Only one voice stands true above all others, able to help us find our bearings amidst all of the confusion.  God’s promises put everything in perspective—regardless of what our circumstances appear to be telling us.

A benchmark must be set in stone for it to weather the test of time. I once read of a mountain climber who anchored one into ice at the top of Mount McKinnley. Not surprisingly future climbers were unable to find the mark he had set. Ice may be hard, but it is highly uncertain.

Your circumstances might be speaking loudly and negatively right now. Everything might seem to indicate that God is absent or uncaring. You might feel lost in the confusion of what’s right and what’s wrong. God is our Rock! We can trust His word because His character is absolutely trustworthy.

His promises might seem distant to you right now, but with some effort they can be readily found. Put the full weight of your trust in His character and you will find your way!


God is not a man, that He should lie, Nor a son of man, that He should repent; Has He said, and will He not do it? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?” Numbers 23:19 (NASB)

The material from this post is featured as a devotional in our book, Champions in the Wilderness: Fifty-Two Devotions to Guide and Strengthen Emerging Overcomers, which is available from SfMe Media.

original photo credit: Dawn Endico via cc