“God Cannot Be Trusted”

“God Cannot Be Trusted!”

This is undoubtedly one of the most predominant messages to saturate American culture over the past decade. You might not necessarily find a “godcannotbetrusted.com” web site, but this message is daily repeated by a vast array voices from so many different directions. The bottom line is that the slippery hiss of the serpent continues to tickle the ear of an unsuspecting human race.

“The Bible is a book of lies and contradictions.” “The Old Testament God was cruel and vindictive.” “The Church is nothing more than a greedy, oppressive man-made institution.” We’ve all heard these loud and increasingly vehement messages.

But don’t be short-sighted! There are somewhat more subtle questions that also serve to undermine our faith. “If God is both powerful and good, then why is there so much evil in the world?” “Aren’t all natural disasters acts of divine retribution?” “If God loves me, why do I hurt so much?” Such unanswered questions don’t necessarily need to be steeped in antagonism to have detrimental effects on our lives.

Doubt can be a powerful force! If we were driving at 70 mph on a crowded LA freeway, you wouldn’t be too excited to hear me say that my brakes normally work 97.8% of the time. When a car’s brakes fail even once, the power of doubt begins to wreak havoc in the form of anxiety. And so it is with our spiritual lives.

God has never been unfaithful or unjust—even once, but the headlines of our culture tell a different story. The hiss of the serpent continues.

Am I saying that it’s wrong to ask questions? NO! To the contrary, I believe that we must ask the difficult questions if our doubts are to be erased. However, the mindset from which our inquiry flows is the critical issue at hand.

I have spent most of my Christian life asking questions, but I have tried to do so with a sincere and honest heart. Question Christianity with an axe to grind, and your hardness will only blind you. Truth always stands the test of honest interrogation. Falsehood eventually shows its colors in light of the same pursuit.

All of my questioning over the years has only served to increase my faith. This thing called Christianity is of a far greater substance than I had been led to believe. The key for me has been learning to distinguish the voice of truth from the all too persistent hiss of the serpent. As I seek to approach God with a humble and sincere heart, He continues to help me discern the difference. In the end my heart is becoming increasingly confident that God is totally worthy of all of my trust!

photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar via photopin cc