Politics–The Religious Wrong

A new round of elections is quickly approaching, but not fast enough for my tastes. Voting is certainly a privilege, but I find the grossly negative TV ads to be totally gagnaminous. And how I wish I could say something more positive about some of the conservative Christian (of which I am one) dialogue I hear about politics and our government leaders!

Contempt is probably the best word that I can use to describe our unbelieving attitude. Encarta defines contempt as “an attitude of utter disgust or hatred – a powerful feeling of dislike toward somebody or something considered to be worthless, inferior, or undeserving of respect.” Wow! That says it all too well!

One of the major problems with contempt is that it carries a poisonous air of superiority. Such prideful thinking is like a toxic ooze bubbling in the hearts of those who profess Christ, serving only to hinder and slow the advance of Christ’s government on earth. The kingdom of God is not of this world—as Jesus was crystal clear in pointing out (John18:36). Perfect arguments don’t win hearts to Christ—love does.

We have allowed conservative talk show hosts to supplant our Bibles when it comes to teaching us how to relate to the world around us. While they may speak truth in many ways, the attitude with which they speak is of at least equal importance.

If the Bible is truly our guide as we say it is, we will follow the Apostle Peter’s command: “Honor all people, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the king.” 2 Peter 2:17 (NET)

The application of this principle in our day calls us to treat all government officials with respect and esteem regardless of how we feel about their policies or methods.

Unfortunately, the application of a truly Biblical approach doesn’t make headlines, polarize people’s opinions or help raise money for our cause. It only serves to advance God’s kingdom—you know, the one that is not of this world.

Recently I’ve found myself drawn to the Book of Daniel, which carries a profound message for the Church in these last days. Chapter two in particular provides an important perspective in our tumultuous political environment. Check out this paraphrased combination of several verses:

In the days of those kings the God of heaven will raise up an everlasting kingdom that will not be destroyed—a kingdom that will not be left to another people. It will break in pieces and bring about the demise of even the greatest of human empires. Not a trace of them will remain. But God’s kingdom will become a large mountain that fills the entire earth, standing supreme forever and ever.”

Knowing and believing this compels us to flavor all that we do with God’s patient love!

photo credit: woodleywonderworks via photopin cc