Believe in Yourself! Seriously?

It is the mantra of our day. From the earliest of ages our children are showered with the believe in yourself message. “You can go anywhere, accomplish anything. The ability lies deep within you. All you need to do is draw it out. Believe in yourself.” This, according to our world, is the foundation of change.

Too often we think that negative circumstances, other people, even the devil, are at the cause of our ills. If only these will go away, our lives will be better. The believe in yourself message rises higher, telling us to focus on what we are able to do, as opposed to what’s been done to us.

The message sounds good. The message feels good. One BIG problem. Self-sufficiency is an enemy of the human soul, and most certainly the arch enemy of God. In a self-sufficient world, God is unnecessary. Not a favorable state!

Adam & Eve were painfully deceived by the Great Lie, which essentially proclaimed, “You will be like God apart from God.” Its subtle hiss continues to tickle the ears of humanity even to this day.

Are we better to wallow in a victim mentality? No. Doesn’t work. Should we live in a world of self-condemnation, constantly focused on our shortcomings and inabilities? Not a good idea either. But there is an element to all of this that far outweighs all others. The very presence of God in the life of a Christian!

To enter into a New Covenant relationship with our Creator is to enter a union of oneness through the presence of the Holy Spirit. The very life of God dwells within us! Park on this thought for a while and see if it doesn’t spark something deep within your soul. And He promises to never leave or forsake us!

The message of the Gospel is far greater, far more powerful, far more life-changing than “believe in yourself.” Within the heart of every Christian dwells His ability to do far more than we could ever ask or think, but one of the keys to tapping into this potential is to come to an end of ourselves. It’s not until we know that we can’t, that can becomes a reality.

At the core of our human dysfunction is the boast. It flows freely from prideful hearts intent on dethroning and supplanting our benevolent Creator. Such pride has produced immeasurable pain and destruction in our world.

You may indeed be able to accomplish a significant task by believing in yourself. But the celebration of your success will focus on what you, from within yourself, have been able to do—and the long-term fruit will be rotten to the core.

Do you find yourself standing at the border of change, longing for potential to become reality? Then surrender your self—your self-will and your self-sufficiency in particular. Believe in God–and He will provide you with sufficient grace to overcome any obstacle!

photo credit: Brian Auer via photopin cc