Are White Conservatives Racist

Are White Conservatives Racist?

Sadly, in many cases, I think that white conservatives are racist. I can’t provide statistics to prove my point, but I can share my personal observations. What I see may not tell the entire story, but it does tell something.

As a general rule, strong conservatives are avidly anti-liberal and they’ll target those who lean to the left, regardless of race. Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton are cases in point. In the eyes of conservatives, both women are only a few steps shy of anti-Christ status. As long as we have a liberal president—again, regardless of race—conservatives will be anti-government. Just about everything the government does will be wrong and government intrusion—even on the part of law enforcement—will be seen as being oppressive. The one exception? When the police are accused of mistreating a black man. Then, it seems, the police are always in the right.

I have tremendous appreciation for those in law enforcement; these men and women put their lives on the line every day. At the same time, power corrupts. Politicians, judges, and, yes, even police officers can thirst for dominion over their fellow humans. Sadly, there is such a thing as police brutality and young black males are often targeted.

Growing Up Black

From what I understand—I don’t have any personal experience in this matter—growing up black is an entirely different matter than growing up white. Black parents often school their sons in ways that whites would not even consider: “Don’t put your hands in your pockets while in a store. Always say, ‘yes sir and no, sir.’ if a police officer pulls you over….” These parents are acutely aware that even the slightest mistaken action could lead to that child’s death.

I know an outstanding young black man—a college graduate and Christian of exemplary character—who was recently rear-ended by a white driver. Almost always, the person doing the rear-ending is considered to be at fault for driving too closely. Who received the field sobriety test? The young black man. Who did not? The white male who hit him from behind.

My wife and I live in a university community and so diversity is common. Thankfully, when black friends of ours—both of whom are well over 60—travel about town, they have little concern about racism. But if they drive into some of the smaller towns in our region, things change quickly. Suddenly, they become a focal point of suspicion. Of course, we all know how the old saying goes: “You can’t be too careful around black senior citizens—even if they do appear to be generous and faithful church attenders!”

Sadly, racism is alive and well, even in our day.

Just to be fair, I understand that racism runs in multiple directions. While in college, my buddy and I befriended a black classmate. He was a great guy and we hit it off well, but A.P. was obviously frowned upon by other blacks when they spied him hanging out with the white boys. Further still, a lot of black racism never makes the headlines because bringing that issue to light runs against the leanings of the liberal press.

It’s All About Glory!

The plague of racism boils down to one core issue: glory. Those who seek a sense of significance apart from Christ will always seek to glory in their human flesh. The end result, then, is that others will be deemed inglorious. It’s the rift between the two that creates animosity and, subsequently, violence. (See Ephesians 2:11-22.)

Racist thinking—how deeply ingrained it can be! Those of us who profess to be Christian are called to a higher standard. We’re called to look beyond the flesh, valuing one another through the light of the cross. No flesh—regardless of the color—has a right to glory in itself. Anyone who thinks otherwise lacks a clear understanding of the gospel.

In a nation that is becoming increasingly fractured, both conservatives and liberals would do well to avoid taking the race bait dangled before our noses by the media. Whether we speak of the tragic shootings of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, or when we cast our vote for the next president of the United States, race should be a non-issue.

The Beauty of the Gospel

I can’t begin to express how much I value the beauty of the gospel, the sheer power of the cross. By the grace of God, male and female; black, white, red and yellow; rich and poor all stand on equal footing before the throne of heaven. Through the cross we stand united, at peace, one people before God. What a glorious gospel it is!