The Divine Progression of Grace

The most difficult part is finished! The Divine Progression of Grace manuscript is now in the hands of our editor. People often cringe when I tell them what I’m working on. “Writing a book is easy” I say, “it’s writing a good book that’s really difficult!”

Not only is the writing process challenging, but grace has always been a topic of controversy. While there is no one key to walking with God, no other issue impacts the vitality of our Christian lives the way that grace does. Through my years of ministry, I have discovered that the person who misunderstands grace is destined for a spiritual train wreck.

As difficult as addressing the concept of grace may be, it’s much more difficult—at least in the long run—to avoid the topic. Consider the following bullet points about grace:

  • Grace is unique to Christianity.
  • Grace gives sin-ridden people the opportunity to draw near to our holy Creator.
  • Grace does not provide us with a license to sin.
  • Grace causes love to grow in our hearts.
  • Grace empowers us to do anything and everything that God calls us to do.

The Divine Progression of GraceThere is so much more about grace that won’t fit in a blog. I guess that’s why I wrote a book.

After taking a brief break to recover my sanity, I’ll be sharing a few excerpts from The Divine Progression of Grace, which we plan to publish sometime in November 2014. In the meantime, I ask that you please keep our continued efforts in your prayers. We’re taking a unique approach with this book and believe that it will impact a LOT of lives!

Finally, I would like to thank all who have invested, and who continue to invest, in the work of our ministry. We believe that we will one day see a rich harvest reaped as the result of our collective efforts!