What Makes Jesus Different

What Makes Jesus Different?

Throughout the entire history of humankind—however long that has been—there has never been a person like Jesus Christ. Never. There is enough information about the uniqueness of Jesus to easily fill a book, but I’d like to highlight one particular aspect of His character that is often ignored.

As recorded in John 3:13, Jesus said the following when questioned by Nicodemus:

“No one has ascended into heaven, but He who descended from heaven: the Son of Man.” (NASB)

Two things make this statement particularly interesting.

First, Jesus said that he had descended from Heaven. Either His words were divinely inspired or the guy was off kilter. I’ve never met anyone in his or her right mind who claimed heavenly status.

Second, Jesus did exactly the opposite of what every human seeks to do. We all want to ascend into the heavens. The great rulers and religious leaders of history have all sought to ascend. Even those who don’t believe in Heaven as a location, seek to lift themselves up above the rest of the human pack.

Jesus poured His life out so low that some people mistakenly think He laid no claim to deity. A careful reading of the New Testament speaks otherwise.

Jesus was a radical like no other. Stepping down from His lofty perch, He poured out all that mattered so that others could be lifted up. The Son of Man willingly gave up His significance so that we might receive ours.

The innate problem with human nature is the pursuit of glory—significance, validation, etc.—apart from God (Romans 3:23). Jesus turned our sin upside down by giving up His glory for the sake of love. For this reason, God the Father eternally exalted Jesus above all others. (Philippians 2:3-11).

If all religions are essentially the same, then all great religious leaders are essentially the same. But if you study their lives, they aren’t. And if any others appear as exceptions to the rule, it’s only because they were emulating the most radically different Person ever to walk this earth.

What makes Jesus different? His humble, amazingly selfless love.

None other can compare. None. Not even one.


“Sermon on the Mount” by Carl Bloch – Public Domain