A Legacy of Love

A Legacy of Love

The Pittsburgh Pirates suffered another heartbreaking loss this week in their season-ending Wild Card game. After such a great season, it’s difficult to stomach the overall circumstances leading to their early exit from the MLB playoffs.

Thankfully, hockey season is now beginning … and the professional football season is well under way… and I can see the professional basketball season on the horizon. Oh, and I dare not forget all of the excellent college sports action taking place…not to mention our local high school sports.

There’s a lot more to keep me entertained as well. Action-packed television shows. Gripping movies. And, of course, drama-filled social media.

Our society suffers from no shortage of entertainment options, but while we’re engrossed in our sports and media drama, a silent reality plays in the background. The hands of time keep moving on … tick tock … tick tock … tick tock.

While we were watching, our bodies were aging. While we were watching, injustice was rearing its ugly head. And while we were watching, people were suffering and dying.

I’m well aware how easily a person can be overwhelmed by the needs of this world. I also understand that entertainment can provide a much-needed break from the real and heavy issues that exist all around us all of the time.

But if we’re not careful … tick tock … tick tock … tick tock … life will have slipped through our fingers and we will find ourselves at the end of our days, wondering where it all went.

The apostle Paul put things quite well when he wrote, “Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:15-16, NASB)

Every so often, I find it wise to review my schedule, prayerfully considering how I am spending my time. Doing so seems all the more important now that my hair is graying.

Long ago, I determined that I’d rather honor God by spending the bulk of my life working to leave a legacy of influence than watching others fulfill their dreams. The issue isn’t whether people remember me or not, but whether my actions on this earth have had an eternal, godly influence on the lives of others.

Yeah, it’s a shame the Pirates lost, but next season also holds promise. Still, I know the clock is ticking, and there are divine purposes to accomplish. Tick tock … tick tock … tick tock.

Let’s be intent to leave a legacy of love!

photo credit: View of city sunset from PNC Park via photopin (license)