to save a life

To Save a Life . . .

On September 22, 1955, not long before dark, 14-year-old Dave Hickman was out hunting with his grandfather when he heard an odd cooing sound. Spurred to investigate, the young man walked about 150 feet and climbed on top of a fence. Looking down, he spied an infant girl lying in the weeds, wrapped in a wet towel and bleeding. Here lips were beginning to turn blue from the cold.

At his grandfather’s urging, the two immediately picked up the baby and went for help. Soon, the unknown child was warmly snuggled in a local hospital, saved from an untimely death. Three months later, the little girl was adopted, and young Dave was given a brief opportunity to hold the sleeping infant before she went off to her new home.

For the next 58 years, Dave Hickman could not forget about that baby girl. Every day, he would flash back to the scene of the fragile infant lying in the weeds. Despite numerous failed attempts to track her down, the aging Dave could only wonder what happened to the little baby he had snatched from the grip of death.

Finally, in December 2013, a connection was made, and Dave had the privilege of meeting Mary Ellen Suey the following May. Or was the privilege hers?

Because young Dave Hickman happened to be at the right place at the right time, God used him to save that infant girl from certain death. As a result, Mary Ellen Suey has lived a full life, with children and grandchildren of her own.

Mary Ellen is convinced that she was put in those weeds to die, and so she calls Dave her hero. Dave’s response?

I’m not a hero. I was honored that God used me to find her. There is no greater honor than something like that. Dave Hickman didn’t save her. God saved her.

Upon seeing the video of the tearful reunion between Dave and Mary Ellen, my thoughts immediately went to Heaven. One day, there will be a grand reunion in Heaven—not just of us with God, as if that weren’t enough—but also of those whose lives have been transformed with the ones who blessed them.

On that day, people who faithfully prayed, people who faithfully gave, people who faithfully served, and people who faithfully reached out will have the opportunity to meet those touched by their sacrificial love. And the experience will be glorious!

Until then, we are challenged to labor through the eye of faith, seeing in the far distance a sure-coming reunion.

photo credit: Toes 150/365 via photopin (license)