Empty Tomb

God of the Impossible

The Creator of the Universe has a habit of working in unexpected ways, and sometimes, He allows situations to become so dire that we have no other option than to rely on Him. In fact, the God of the impossible does some of His most awesome work in the bleakest circumstances.

Consider Israel’s exodus from Egypt for example. The people had been enslaved for hundreds of years under the oppressive thumb of what was likely the most powerful nation on earth. And what was God’s plan for delivering them? Using an old man named Moses who stumbled over his words, and had spent forty years on the backside of a desert herding sheep and wallowing in his failure. Even so, the Lord of Glory did an awesome work, breaking the power of Egyptian supremacy and bringing the ragtag group out with a mighty hand.

God then did something entirely unexpected; He led the people into yet another impossible situation where they were stuck between the Red Sea and a furious Egyptian army (Exodus 14). In the eyes of Israel, their plight was impossible. But in the eyes of God, it was an opportunity to reveal Himself to His people.

How Do We Respond to the Impossible?

Have you ever found yourself in a seemingly impossible situation? I certainly have. And do you know what I have discovered? How we respond to our circumstances means everything. Two of our most common responses can actually make matters worse.

  1. We fret. When we fret, our concerns gnaw into our soul, causing worry, frustration, and an overall sense of discontentment over circumstances that seem devoid of God’s promises.
  1. We complain. Complaining, which often accompanies fretting, is essentially a verbal expression of our inward pain and dissatisfaction.

We often respond with fretting and complaining after surveying a situation and seeing no logical way out. A lack of control combined with no visible sign of hope creates all sorts of negative energy as we begin to think that perhaps God has somehow abandoned us.

Trusting the God of the Impossible

The Sovereign King of Glory would never abandon one of His much-loved children, so it’s vital that we respond to seemingly impossible situations in a way that aligns with His wise design.

  1. We let go of control. Have you ever considered that it is okay to be in an impossible situation, that God has everything in hand, and that He can turn even your darkest circumstances into an amazing testimony? When we’ve done all that we can do and exhausted our options, we can know the Lord’s peace by simply accepting the fact that He is never daunted by our impossibilities.
  1. We trust. Letting go of control goes hand in hand with trusting our all-powerful Lord. We do not always understand how God will work in a given situation, but if we will believe in His goodness through the darkest of times, He will eventually work things out for our benefit.

Trusting the God of the impossible can sometimes seem like a daunting task for a lone individual, but we can believe together as a community. In fact, I think one of the biggest problems for Christians in the West is what I would call a “corporate unbelief.” In so many ways, our collective doubt limits the vital work of the Holy Spirit.

What can we do? We can cultivate faith together and for one another. We can come alongside those who are wavering and lovingly lift their faith to trust their Lord and Savior. I am not referring to giving trite or pat responses, but rather genuine encouragement in the face of discouraging situations.

I am convinced that we have only begun to taste of God’s goodness and that so much more awaits us if we will only believe. Let’s continue to pursue the God of the impossible trusting in His goodness and knowing that if the God of the Universe can raise Jesus from the dead, all things are possible!