Our Vision

Search for Me Ministries believes that God is doing a powerful work in our day! We are excited to serve His efforts in the following ways: 

Missing Link Theology

The church in the West has more educational resources than any generation throughout history, and yet many leaders fret over its lack of vitality. What’s going on?

While we have an abundance of excellent teaching resources, we also lack in several key areas. Search for Me Ministries endeavors to address the “missing links” of our Biblical understanding.

Specifically, we explore key Biblical concepts that are either largely ignored or widely misunderstood. Some of our key topics include identity, covenant, wisdom, the spiritual dynamics of rest, the multi-faceted nature of grace, abiding in Christ, and the unity of our Lord’s church.

Teaching Ministry

The goal of an effective teaching ministry is not simply to convey information or impose obligation but to facilitate fruitful and transformational growth

By lovingly addressing the root issues of life, we help Christians:

  • draw closer to their Creator
  • discover their God-given identities
  • break free from unhealthy patterns 
  • build meaningful relationships
  • fulfill their purposes to make a genuine difference in our world

Publishing Ministry

The gospel grows in influence as God’s people become more like Jesus. But people are alienated from God when professing Christians exhibit judgmental, selfish, and immature tendencies. 

SfMe Media produces Biblically-based, growth-oriented resources that walk people from no (or new) belief to becoming fully devoted, mature disciples of Christ.

Working with Leaders

The importance of godly leaders cannot be underestimated, as they face a vicious and continual onslaught from the powers of darkness. SfMe Ministries helps to support, strengthen, and develop those who lead in God’s kingdom.

Building the Church

We view the Christian church as many streams coming together to form one mighty river which cannot be contained. SfMe Ministries seeks to create mutually supportive, noncompetitive ministry environments that emphasize praying and working together to advance God’s kingdom on earth.