Drinking TruthDo you struggle knowing who to trust? You are not alone! We are facing a crisis of trust in our modern era because we have lost a covenantal mindset.


What is a covenant? It is a sacred and binding relationship of the highest order. Two key covenant elements are faithfulness and lovingkindness—two virtues we all long for in any meaningful relationship. It is through covenant dynamics that we discover true intimacy.


While contracts are often made to be broken, covenants are meant to endure. The heart of a covenant relationship is not about what we can get out of it, but rather how we can bless one another.


There was a day when virtually every culture in our world operated with a covenantal mindset, but that day has long passed—especially in the West. This unfortunate change has led to a loss of trust in virtually every area of society. The result is that we often find ourselves feeling alone, discouraged, and anxious.


The God who created us has always related to humanity in a covenant context. Form the first page of Genesis to the last page of revelation, the Bible was penned from a covenantal perspective. If we truly want to know and understand God, while experiencing His peace in the process, we will “Drink Truth” and fully embrace the covenant mindset of the Bible.

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