The Divine Progression of Grace (Paperback – Retail $16.99)


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What is grace? “Grace,” we have been told, is “God’s unmerited favor.” This is certainly true but grace is also so much more. Grace does a progressive work in our hearts as we journey from the point where God accepts us as we are, to the exciting place He wants to take us—a fully fruitful life. Through the divine progression of grace, we are accepted, transformed, and empowered to become agents of change for God’s eternal kingdom.

Not only will The Divine Progression of Grace lead you into a deeper understanding of God’s Word, it will help you live out your Christian faith in a fresh, dynamic way. A few of the topics included:

  • Grace vs. hyper-grace
  • God’s definition of success
  • The core issues of human nature
  • God’s answer to the human condition
  • What makes Christianity different from all other religions
  • The essence of the Christian life
  • Sex and sexual immorality from a biblical perspective
  • Being empowered by God to impact our world

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