Small Group Resources


Our SfMe Media materials make excellent small group resources because they are:

  • Biblically based
  • Rich in content
  • Thought provoking
  • Stimulating for discussion
  • Transformational


The Search for Rest: Fifty Days to a More Peaceful Life

  • Great for a nine-week study
  • 50 daily readings of 4 pages max each
  • 4 discussion questions per reading
  • Daily “Peace Steps” that can be also be used for a point of discussion
  • Instructional videos for small group leaders


Here’s the Search for Rest trailer:



A set of ten instructional videos for small group leaders can be found on the Search for Me Ministries YouTube channel.


Greater Glory: The Transformational Power of Christian Unity

  • Desperately needed in our time
  • 14 short but thought-provoking chapters
  • 3 discussion questions per chapter


The Age of Abiding: Experiencing the Life of the Vine

  • Provides a comprehensive view of the Christian faith
  • Excellent discipleship resource
  • 30 very short chapters with 3 discussion questions each 


Drinking Truth: Embracing the Covenant Mindset of the Bible

  • Provides an eye-opening understanding often missing in the Western world
  • 12 not-so-short chapters with 6 questions each
  • Generates in-depth discussion


Champions in the Wilderness: Fifty-Two Devotions for Emerging Overcomers

  • Excellent for those who are struggling in a spiritual wilderness
  • 52 daily readings of 4 pages max each
  • 3 discussion questions per reading


The TouchPoint: Connecting with God through the Bible

  • 14 chapters
  • No specific questions, but the content makes for excellent discussion
  • Chapters 1-3 could be combined for discussion and 14 could be dropped to shorten the length of the study to 12 weeks


Say Goodbye to Regret: Discovering the Secret to a Blessed Life 

  • 12 Chapters
  • 6 discussion questions per chapter
  • 1 group activity per chapter


From Glory to Glory: Finding Real Significance in an Image-Driven World

  • A thought-provoking devotional about identity
  • 40 daily readings of 4 pages max each
  • 3 discussion questions each


The Search for Me: A Journey Toward a Rock Solid Identity

  • 12 Week video series (available only from SfMe Ministries)
  • Can be done in 12 weeks or at a slower pace over 36 weeks
  • Paperback study guide is also available


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