Love Revolution

Somewhere along the way you may have noticed that there is a bit of a rift between conservative Christians and people who embrace/applaud a gay lifestyle. The division is understandable to a degree, but I often think that professing Christians … Continued

Protect Your Heart!

“Protect Your Heart”–thus read the big bold headline on the most recent issue of Consumer Reports magazine. Protect Your Heart! Evidently my dear wife didn’t pay much attention to the magazine as its cover silently screamed from our coffee table. … Continued

Just a Little Taste of Heaven

Perhaps you’ve done the reunion thing. You pull into the parking lot and sit for a second (a bit of a knot in your stomach), contemplating what lies ahead. The big question is how you look–or more appropriately–how you will … Continued

What’s Wrong with Religion?

It very common for me to hear people say that Christianity is not about religion, it’s about a personal relationship with God. In essence this is true, but too often religion is erroneously considered to be an evil word. Sometimes … Continued

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