When People Disappoint You

It was the weightiest moment in all of history. Jesus—God in the flesh—knelt and cried out to the heavenly Father with unimaginable agony. Christ’s anguish was so deep, and the stress of the moment so intense, that His pores began … Continued

Facing a Giant? You’re Not Alone!

A very real problem for all of us is that we tend to profess a depth of faith in God that we do not actually possess. Faith is easy on the mountaintop. The battlefield trenches of life are an entirely … Continued

The Bitter Root

Bitter Root. Sounds somewhat natural, doesn’t it? Actually, this Montana state flower was at times prized as a delicacy by some Native American tribes. But not everything natural is good. You can be sure I won’t be buying Poison Ivy … Continued

The Next Level

I did everything right (at least in this particular situation). I prayed. I fasted. I confessed my faults to God. I picked an appropriate time. I approached the situation with humility and began the conversation by admitting my failures and … Continued

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