Favored by God?

It is a fact of Christian experience that life is a series of troughs and peaks. In His efforts to get permanent possession of the soul, God relies on the troughs more than the peaks. And some of His special favorites … Continued

Why Is Life So Difficult Sometimes?

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Admittedly, there are days when I say to myself, “I can’t do this. The mountain in front of me is way too big to climb.” I strongly suspect that I am not alone in thinking this way. We all have … Continued

Should Christians Support Israel?

One of the hallmarks of conservative Christianity is an unwavering support for the nation of Israel. Through conservative eyes, Israel is God’s chosen nation, so if a nation wants to be blessed by God, she must stand with Israel through … Continued

Conservative Does Not Always Equal Christian

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Perhaps I am worthy of a good—if there is such a thing—stoning. Even questioning our conservative values seems somewhat blasphemous. The real problem, however, is that many conservatives—the very individuals who tenaciously adhere to the supremacy of Scripture—have allowed human … Continued

Satan Wants to Sift You Like Wheat!

It was the beginning of the lowest point of Simon Peter’s life. There stood Jesus, eyes piercing to the very depths of his soul. Peter knew the strength of his own loyalty to the Christ (or so he thought) and … Continued

Chosen for a Purpose

Sometimes God’s word blows my mind! Its ramifications are so far reaching that my brain overheats while trying to comprehend it all. Such was the case recently as I began reading Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. Right from the start, … Continued


Sensational is what we want. Transformational is what we need. Sensational grabs our attention. Transformational often comes without glitter. In one of my favorite movie scenes (from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), Indiana Jones is vying with the scoundrel, Donovan, as … Continued

Are You at Odds with God?

All of us probably have people that we don’t particularly like—those who rub us the wrong way with their attitudes or behavior. These are folks whom we simply prefer to avoid, doing our best to keep them at a comfortable … Continued

Are You Being Played?

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Once again, summer had come to an end and the next school year was upon us—as signified by our annual county fair. The array of flashing lights, the mixed smells of barbequed chicken and cotton candy, and the bold sounds … Continued