What If It Were Me?

The images are difficult to shake. Twenty-one bound men clothed in orange jumpsuits being paraded along the beach by masked fighters dressed in black. Some are fearful. Some are praying. All are about to have their heads severed from their … Continued

Satan Wants to Sift You Like Wheat! Part II

Wheat is getting an increasingly bad name in our day. Why? Generations of hybridization have engineered wheat which is more disease resistant, more pesticide resistant, more workable for baking, and generally more productive. However, the same cumulative modifications that have … Continued

Satan Wants to Sift You Like Wheat!

It was the beginning of the lowest point of Simon Peter’s life. There stood Jesus, eyes piercing to the very depths of his soul. Peter knew the strength of his own loyalty to the Christ (or so he thought) and … Continued

Time to Switch Careers!

For some reason Christians often believe that blessing and difficulty are mutually exclusive words. Unlike peanut butter and chocolate, blessing and difficulty don’t seem like good traveling companions. When God blesses our lives shouldn’t our circumstances work out with ease? … Continued

Implications – Part I

Do you see it?When we enter into the New Covenant with and through Jesus Christ we enter into a sacred and binding relationship with all other true believers. Baptists, Catholics, Methodists, Pentecostals, Presbyterians, etc. are all covenant brothers and sisters! … Continued

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