God Loves a Cheerful Giver

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There was a news report the other day of police officers in Kansas City pulling people over to give them money from a secret Santa. The emotions rendered by the story were the exact opposite of those being expressed all … Continued

Thy Kingdom Come . . .

The kingdom of God. What an amazingly mysterious concept! The kingdom of God is literally the King’s domain, but what does that mean? And what are the ramifications? John 18:36 records Jesus saying that His “kingdom is not of this … Continued

Time to Switch Careers!

For some reason Christians often believe that blessing and difficulty are mutually exclusive words. Unlike peanut butter and chocolate, blessing and difficulty don’t seem like good traveling companions. When God blesses our lives shouldn’t our circumstances work out with ease? … Continued

Shed the Weight!

We hear it all the time—obesity is a leading cause of health problems in our day. The experts tell us to shed the pounds, but everywhere we turn we’re bombarded with messages to the contrary. “Eat!” they tell us. “Our … Continued

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