Day 17 – Cursed No More!

I find no difficulty identifying the two worst days in the history of our planet. The first was when Adam and Eve joined the cosmic rebellion, and the second was the day that the human race crucified the Lord of … Continued

What Is Truth?

It was a scene for the ages. The beaten and bloody Jesus of Nazareth stood weakly before the notorious Pontius Pilate. Surprisingly, Jesus—the man about to be tortured to death—exuded confidence, while the Roman prefect of Judea found himself internally … Continued

I Love the God of the Old Testament!

I love the God of the Old Testament! Honestly, I do. I suppose that some people will imagine me to be a judgmental enforcer of rules—or perhaps a really cruel-hearted guy with violent tendencies. Those prone to stereotyping might picture me … Continued

The Promise of His Presence

Moses was either amazing or crazy; perhaps a little of both! The often lonely road he walked, the obstinate people he loved, his passion for righteousness—they all point toward one of the truly great figures of history. But there was … Continued

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