We Are Bothered by Injustice Because God Is Bothered by Injustice

Nazis were not nice people. In their quest for world domination, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party intentionally caused the deaths of well over 50 million people. We are not talking just about soldiers killing soldiers. The ultimate goal of … Continued

Let’s Believe (Not Grieve) for our Nation!

I tried to pray on Wednesday morning after the election, but found myself having trouble getting through. Apparently so many angels had been watching campaign ads run by The World Will End If Obama Wins PAC that they were inconsolable when … Continued

Avoiding Shipwreck in the Nasty Waters of the Political Sea

Perhaps you have noticed that politics have gotten increasingly hostile in recent years. Through even limited exposure to media, the average person is constantly battered by negativity. Cruelly worded attack ads filled with half-truths and blatant lies paint opposing candidates … Continued

Politics–The Religious Wrong

A new round of elections is quickly approaching, but not fast enough for my tastes. Voting is certainly a privilege, but I find the grossly negative TV ads to be totally gagnaminous. And how I wish I could say something more positive … Continued

Stuck in a Rut!

It’s been a long, long winter here in the northeast USA. February was the snowiest month on record for many cities. Tons of snow, very minimal sunshine—if ever there was a time for the winter doldrums to set in, this … Continued

Neckties Are Evil!

Neckties are Evil! In September of 2009 the prime minister of Bangladesh banned male government employees from wearing suits and ties in order to save energy. How ungodly a decision! Seriously now, it shouldn’t matter that Bangladesh is suffering through … Continued

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