Day Eleven – God Reigns

Peter flew back against the side of the boat as yet another crashing wave breached its hull. That one hurt! To the seasoned fishermen on board, the situation looked grim. Their vessel was beginning to fill with water and only … Continued

The Battle for Control

One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie. One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind … Continued

Why I Don’t Want a Christian Government

I write Christian books. It’s what I do. Sometimes my research takes me to one of my favorite works: a massive 11-volume set titled, The Story of Civilization by historian Will Durant. Durant’s historical accounts are marked by periodic and … Continued

Ours Is a Different World

My father-in-law (Ted) passed away several months back. It was a difficult time for the entire family as we lost a man we dearly loved. Understandably, my mother-in-law got the worst of the deal. Not only did she lose her … Continued

Justice in Baltimore?

It has never before happened in the history of Major League Baseball—two teams playing a regular-season game in an empty stadium. It’s not that and estimated 30,000 fans didn’t want to watch from the stands as the Baltimore Orioles scored … Continued

Will You be a Game Changer?

Western Pennsylvania is mourning the loss of an area hero. The name, Chuck Noll, may not mean much to most people across the globe, but he is an icon in Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Steelers football team was once the laughing … Continued

Insecurity Killed the King – Part II

The tragic story of Saul’s demise provides a powerful historical lesson for anyone aspiring to leadership: unconquered insecurity will corrupt the noblest of ambitions. Sadly, Saul’s error continues to be repeated generation after generation—even among Christian leaders. Shortly after I … Continued

The Chemistry of Relationships

You’ve probably heard the old adage that opposites attract, but the question is, “Can they live together?” In a romantic world, personality differences don’t matter all that much, but in a real, day-to-day existence, they can be huge. When it … Continued

Living in a Vampire World

I’ve had better days. Monday morning began with the hopes of a productive week, but first we had to make a quick—or so I thought—exchange at the car dealership. My wife’s car was plagued by an ongoing safety issue and, … Continued