Are You at Odds with God?

All of us probably have people that we don’t particularly like—those who rub us the wrong way with their attitudes or behavior. These are folks whom we simply prefer to avoid, doing our best to keep them at a comfortable … Continued

Aim or Complain

Several years ago I was reading an update from a popular Christian ministry. They were complaining that a certain judge had called evangelical Christians a bunch of whiners and complainers. I suppose that the appropriate Christian response would have been … Continued

To Know Him

I remember once encouraging a friend to read the Bible. Her response?  “I read that already and didn’t get much out of it.” Been there. Done that. It’s not worth my time. Life has more important things to offer. How … Continued

The Secret of the Wilderness

I’ve thought long and prayed hard in an effort to understand the secret of the Apostle Paul’s contentment. Could it have been the awareness that God causes all things to work to the good of those who love Him? Or … Continued

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