Filling the Moral Vacuum?

To say that the Western world is in a state of moral decline would be an understatement. Just about anybody who has walked this earth for forty or fifty years will readily agree. It’s difficult to pinpoint any single cause … Continued

What Makes Christianity Different?

All paths lead to God—or so I’ve been told. Through the eyes of our culture, it is both arrogant and narrow-minded to contend that any one belief system is superior to all others. If those who are Christians are going … Continued

Breaking Free from Legalism

Rules, rules, rules! Do you ever feel that Christianity is nothing but legalism—the constant pressure to obey a long list of rules and obligations? If so, you’re missing the heart of what God wants to do in your life. Laws … Continued

Love that Never Dies

Critics of the modern Christianity often complain that our modern Bibles lose something in meaning due the difficulties of language translation. In part, they are correct—although I have found that digging deeper into the original languages is common practice for … Continued

The Almost Gospels – Part II

Do you have a favorite Super Bowl commercial? I sure do. Do you remember the one from several years ago in which cowboys were herding cats? I guess this commercial strikes a chord because it reminds me so much of … Continued

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