Slow Justice Doesn’t Mean No Justice

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September 8, 2012. That was the night that Brandon Bushmire’s life was forever changed. It was 11:20 pm and Brandon, a 20-year old college student had just stepped off of the curb (near our ministry center) onto a street with … Continued

Love that Never Dies

Critics of the modern Christianity often complain that our modern Bibles lose something in meaning due the difficulties of language translation. In part, they are correct—although I have found that digging deeper into the original languages is common practice for … Continued

I Love the God of the Old Testament!

I love the God of the Old Testament! Honestly, I do. I suppose that some people will imagine me to be a judgmental enforcer of rules—or perhaps a really cruel-hearted guy with violent tendencies. Those prone to stereotyping might picture me … Continued

What Does Real Love Look Like?

Have you ever wondered what real love looks like? I’ll bet you know for sure what it doesn’t look like! When queried about the greatest commandment, Jesus was quick to reply that loving one’s neighbor as  one’s self was a … Continued

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