The Chemistry of Relationships

You’ve probably heard the old adage that opposites attract, but the question is, “Can they live together?” In a romantic world, personality differences don’t matter all that much, but in a real, day-to-day existence, they can be huge. When it … Continued

The Gorilla Glue of Unity

If it’s broken, my buddy John can fix it (or so he thinks!). John is always quick to volunteer the use of his Gorilla Glue whenever I am in need. When Gorilla Glue appeared on the market a few years … Continued

Neckties Are Evil!

Neckties are Evil! In September of 2009 the prime minister of Bangladesh banned male government employees from wearing suits and ties in order to save energy. How ungodly a decision! Seriously now, it shouldn’t matter that Bangladesh is suffering through … Continued