To Save a Life . . .

On September 22, 1955, not long before dark, 14-year-old Dave Hickman was out hunting with his grandfather when he heard an odd cooing sound. Spurred to investigate, the young man walked about 150 feet and climbed on top of a … Continued

Three Mindsets that Have Betrayed the Church

The pain of betrayal has few equals. I can still feel the sting from the time when I helped two friends patch up their broken relationship only to have them both turn against me. I’ve long since forgiven both guys … Continued

Feeling Used

Feeling used by God is very different than feeling used by our world’s system. The world will use you, extract whatever they feel is of value, and then throw you away. The world’s system cares only for your usefulness; there … Continued

Living in a Vampire World

I’ve had better days. Monday morning began with the hopes of a productive week, but first we had to make a quick—or so I thought—exchange at the car dealership. My wife’s car was plagued by an ongoing safety issue and, … Continued