Day 25 – The Myth of Self-Sufficiency

Gideon was a mighty warrior—at least according to God (Judges 6). From his perspective, which he expressed while fearfully threshing wheat in the unlikely location of a wine press, Gideon’s family was the least in the tribe of Manasseh. He … Continued

The Amazing Thing that God Wants to Do In You

What is the most outlandish thing that you can imagine God doing in your life? How about taking your most problematic weakness and turning it into your greatest strength? Does the thought of it seem extreme? Perhaps, but the Creator … Continued

A Stitch in Time–Doesn’t Really Help Much

I wonder if you’ve noticed. We live in a cruel world. From playground bullies to the inner city gangs to oppressive governments, we lack no shortage of people who will not hesitate to inflict pain on others for their own … Continued