The Search for Rest

We’re stressed. Plain and simple.

Politics have become toxic. A multitude of leaders have shown themselves unworthy of our trust. A global pandemic rocked our social foundations. Our economic future is uncertain. And people just can’t seem to get along.

So, what are our options? Living in a continual state of stress is not feasible, and many of our efforts to find peace bring only momentary relief.

Thankfully, our situation is not hopeless. You are not hopeless. Long before you were born, God foresaw your need for peace and rest. Better yet, He enacted a plan.

I cannot promise you a stress-free life, but I can promise positive change if you’re willing to embrace God’s good plan and align with His ways.

The process doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. You just need to take things one step at a time, one day at a time.

In bite-sized pieces, The Search for Rest will help you understand the dynamics of rest and unrest. It will help you draw near to Jesus, the Prince of Peace. And it will help you take practical “Peace Steps” toward a more peaceful and restful life.

Small Groups

Small group studies are critical for life transformation in a world that tends more and more toward isolation. And The Search for Rest is a fantastic resource for a nine-week small-group study. Regardless of whether your group members are seasoned Christian leaders, young in the faith, or even just seeking, this thought-provoking resource provides a platform for meaningful and engaging discussion.

The first meeting would be introductory. Each of the next seven meetings would cover seven chapters, and the final meeting would be a “Jubilee” celebration, covering Chapter 50. In addition to engaging content, each chapter contains four engaging questions to help facilitate discussion.

To help you use The Search for Rest more effectively, we have a produced a set of ten training videos for the benefit of small group facilitators. The videos provide some additional content and plenty of tips to help you lead a group more effectively.

Like a pre-cooked gourmet meal, this delightful book is ready for you to use!

Paperback copies of The Search for Rest retail for $15.99 from major online sites such as ChristianBook.comBarnes & Noble, and Amazon.

Please contact SfMe Ministries for bulk order pricing.


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